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What a great evening this was! After meeting on the river bank at Trent Lock we were ferried across the river to the Scout Hut on the south bank of the Trent where we were fitted out with life vests and a choice of kayak or Indian-style canoe. After a short acclimatisation, we all made our way upstream to Sawley lock. The weather had calmed down after a few spots of rain and some wind, making the river almost flat calm, but with a very dramatic skyscape over the power station. Regaining dry land, we made our way to the Trent Lock, where we attempted to get as wet on the inside as we had been on the outside. (No-one had capsized - fortunately - but a certain amount of water inevitably gets into the canoes!) Visit the photo gallery.  
Canoeing Trent Lock
at Trent Lock on 25 August 2011
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